HOME Ballet Bar

Easy To Carry, install, and Extend!

This ballet practicing balance rails are very easy to handle, carry, install, and extend.
This balance rails are suitable for many kinds of institute, such as kindergarten, school, studio, and wherever needed. Also, by buying one unit for your home, your children can practice at home.
The standard portable ballet rail’s length is 6 to 8ft(72 to 96″) long, and it can be extended to 16(192″) to 24ft(288″) long thru easy-to-connect additional unit.

Weight: 20-25Lbs/pc
Height:  3’7″ – 3’10”



Advantages of standard barre, extended barre
1. 2 levels for older and younger children, 4 years to 8 years, flexibility of use.
2. Stable for youngsters: small hands can manage wood barre with comfort.
3. Portable with multiple uses like school, studio, home, church, stage, etc.
4. Extended barre for intermediate and advanced students 9 yrs to adult.



Recommended by Miria Marken, Ballet Instructor 
As a former dancer and now a professional ballet teacher, I have tested the ballet barres that Mr. Chris Choi has designed and built and find them to be of superior quality in strength, in stability, and practicality for the students. 

Important Notice:
* Do not lean, hang, or play around this Rails
* Always keep the balance by staying in the middle portion of the Rails
* Adult/Instructor should supervise the students at all times. 

* When practicing with this bar, there should be one child in each side.