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Soun(Finger) Math: Kid’s Math Learning Program

This math learning game was created for children ages 5 to 10. Using their fingers, kids are able to learn the basic math including addition and subtraction in less than 6 months. 

This product may be used by children at the age of 5 to 10 or even teens and adults if they find basic math learning difficult. 

This program should be used 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week with an assistance of a parent. The child will be able to add numbers in millions and billions and even multiple additions in one week. 

Typically, the child will finish the addition and subtraction programs within 2 to 3 months and they will practice 10 to 20 minutes a day thereafter. 

This program is the easiest and fastest tool of teaching math. We do not currently have books, cds and internet-interactive programs ready however we plan to introduce our website as soon as possible. 


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The child on the tape is an average 6 year-old child but she is able to answer all math questions because she has used our program. 

The program is divided into weeks and months to monitor the child’s progress. 

With the correct usage of the product, this will be a fun and most effective learning device for our children.