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We are very pleased to introduce to the market a new revolutionary product that can save time and money. The Broomdozer make a normal so called heavy duty bristle broom. A TRULY HEAVY DUTY BROOM, U.S. Patent pending and many testimonials on how the product performs. Please contact us for a free demonstration in your office or at job site by your scheduled appointment and needs. Hoping to hear from you soon.




Advantages of BROOMDOZER


1. Compared to those commercial brooms out on the market today which breaks easily due to movement of the bracket from loose screw and twisting handles. Broomdozer is extremely strong and sturdy. 
2. The neck part does not break on the BroomDozer even with traumatic impact on the broom. 
3. BroomDozer can be used interchangeably.  
4. If your broom handle breaks at the job site, BroomDozer will save you time of fixing the handle and therefore will not stop the flow of your work.  
5. Brooms are much stronger and powerful if used with BroomDozer! 




  Regular Size Medium Size Large Size

Heavy Duty(1.5lb)

Orange Color Yellow Color Green Color

Light Duty(0.5lb)

Gold Color Blue Color Red Color


Tired of broken broom handle?

If you have been using brooms shown above, you know how frustrating if the broom handle is broken when you are in the middle of work, and the cost of new broom. How about the cost of waste time and money for getting a new broom?




No More! Our patent-pending BroomDozer provides perfect protection on your broom handle. Full One Year  Warranty!