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What is Soun(Finger) Math?
Hi, my name is Chirs, father of 5 years old girl. I started to teach math to my daughter, 30 minutes a day. After one week, she was able to add, subtract 8 to 10 digit numbers. My math program was a successful. This program is the easiest math method in the world. This method of teaching math can be used 5 to 9 years old kids. 


Kids can learn basic math skills in 2 or 3 months, instead of 3 to 7 years!
I would like to introduce this extraordinary new method of math learning, called ‘Soun Math’. Within 2 to 3 months of learning, an average 5 to 6 years old children master the basic of mathematics addition and subtraction. 

For example: 
1st week: They play and sing and learning basic finger position
2nd week: Start math like 2+5, etc
3rd week: Learning 423+253, 657-324, etc
4th week: Learning 4567321+4322157, 8765659-7553437, etc
5th week: Learning 4657821354632+5342065431256, 8798685436-54674432123, etc

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